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Professional Make-Up Brushes

Professional Make-Up Brushes
Brand: MUA
This Large Fluffy Blending Brush will perfectly blend and diffuse cream, liquid and powder formulas. With 100% recycled handles and bristles, and 30% recycled aluminum, your conscience can rest easy with this eco-friendly makeup brush...
Ex Tax:4.83€
Professional high-quality brush, with natural bristles, ideal for contouring. Suitable for products with powder texture such as blush, bronzers and highlighters.The soft, flexible bristles and the slanted shape make it ideal for contouring cheeks, forehead and along the jaw. *Use: Use the angled b..
Ex Tax:10.89€
Professional high-quality blending brush, with natural bristles. Suitable for blending and erasing powder-based eyeshadows, pressed and baked.Thanks to its conical dome shape, it ensures sheer and controlled application. *Use: Apply or blend the eyeshadow on the eye crease. Ideal for softening int..
Ex Tax:5.24€
Professional high-quality blush brush, with natural bristles. Suitable for all products with powder texture, as well as bronzers and highlighters.Its soft bristles and rounded edges ensure easy and precise application where needed. *Use: Apply the blush on cheekbones with gentle upward and circula..
Ex Tax:10.89€
Professional high-quality brush, with double use for concealer and eyeshadow. One end with synthetic fibers is suitable for applying concealer in creamy or liquid texture.Its other tip, with natural fibers, is ideal for the application or blending of all powder-based eyeshadows, pressed and baked...
Ex Tax:8.06€
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